The Grinnell College publications team works with faculty, staff, and students to produce publications intended for off-campus audiences. We can help you concept, plan, write, edit, proofread, photograph, illustrate, and design such publications as:

The team also maintains a consistent editorial style and visual identity. To start a project, please fill out a Communication Project Job Request Form. A publications team member will then contact you to set up a meeting. At that meeting, you and the publications team will discuss the project in detail. Following that meeting, the publications team will create a workflow and production schedule that outlines the project's steps and deadlines and the roles and responsibilities of all involved. We look forward to working with you!

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Portfolio of Publications

The publications team designs, edits, and manages a range of official Grinnell College publications. These documents keep students, alumni, parents, prospective students, and friends abreast of College and alumni news.

The following are examples of the kinds of work we help create.

Grinnell Magazine

The Grinnell Magazine The Grinnell Magazine is the College's flagship publication, published quarterly for alumni, students, parents, faculty, and friends of the College.

We select the contents of the Magazine to stimulate thought and discussion, to demonstrate the range of opinions and activities on the campus and in its broader community, and to provide news about the College and its alumni.

External newsletters


g-mail is a short newsletter emailed quarterly to alumni, highlighting campus and alumni news. Stories span a breadth of interests, promoting major achievements of the College community. 


This full-length newsletter is written by Grinnell Athletics staff. It features action-packed photography and seasonal Grinnell sports stories, scores, and highlights.

Grinnell News Online

Alumni, parents, and friends of the College receive Grinnell News Online via e-mail. The newsletter presents stories with recent media buzz, including athletics updates, campus events, and alumni news. It also draws stories from Grinnell in the News, which highlights external media coverage of the College.

Specialized newsletters

Ins & Outs Spring 2008Exit 182

Exit 182 is the Student Alumni Association's quarterly publication. Students craft articles and illustrations depicting the Grinnell student experience in all its startling complexity. Exit 182 offers alumni the chance to stay connected to campus in a fundamentally personal way.

Ins & Outs

Ins & Outs, a major publication from the Office of Admission and Financial Aid, gives prospective students a glimpse of the vibrant Grinnell student community. Students write and illustrate this newsletter, telling stories and giving advice to their future fellow-Grinnellians.


Academic departments and campus offices often distribute information on facilities and programs via a Environmental Education Center Brochure, like this one for the Environmental Education Center at CERA. This is a compact, cost-effective way of combining graphics and text to convey a message.


We can send informational postcards to any group or audience. Postcards deliver a gentle reminder and key facts to event participants, or keep interested parties in the Grinnell loop.


Event posters are a clear, graphic way to provide information to a range of audiences. Professional-looking and ideal for both on- and off-campus advertising, posters leave a lasting impression on many viewers.