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The Office of Community Enhancement and Engagement supports the College’s core mission by helping our hometown to become an even stronger place to live, work, and study.  The office serves as a liaison between Grinnell College and the surrounding community, administers community grants to support community initiatives, and actively facilitates other town/gown connections to enhance the experience and quality of life in Grinnell. The office supports a variety of partnership projects in areas such as education, healthcare, public infrastructure, downtown development, historic preservation, parks and recreation, and economic development.  Since 2015, the office of Community Enhancement & Engagement has served as the backbone agency of the Grinnell AmeriCorps Partnership. 


Funds provide new books on diversity for middle school and high school students.

Registration for the May 2018 Ignite Program is open 8 a.m. Monday, April 23, through 5 p.m. Friday, April 27.