The office of Community Enhancement & Engagement works to develop sustainable, collaborative community partnerships to improve the quality of life in Grinnell by addressing relevant community priorities. Most recently, the college and community launched partnerships in the areas of economic development and education. A 2016 Iowa Reinvestment Application focuses on community revitalization and improving the visitor experience and the Grinnell AmeriCorps Partnership is a community-wide initiative supporting early literacy and post-graduate success.

Grinnell AmeriCorps Partnership

The Grinnell AmeriCorps Partnership brings together community non-profits, area employers, the Grinnell-Newburg School District, and community volunteers to support kids and families in Grinnell. Supported by a team of AmeriCorps Members embedded in host sites across the community, the partnership is helping to ensure that Grinnell’s kids get both a strong start and a strong finish to their school experience.

Grinnell Schools Taskforce

The 2015 Grinnell Schools Taskforce convened stakeholders from Grinnell College and the Grinnell Newburg School District to identify opportunities for more effective partnership. Several key recommendations are now being addressed through the Grinnell AmeriCorps Partnership.

Iowa Reinvestment Application

With five community improvement projects aimed at improving quality of life for residents and enhancing Grinnell’s visitor experience, the City of Grinnell and Grinnell College submitted a 2016 application to this state economic development program to support the work. One of the projects is the new “Zone of Confluence” initiative to better connect campus and downtown.