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In the fall of 2014, Grinnell College became involved with the Grinnell Campaign for Grade-Level Reading (GLR) initiative along wtih other Grinnell stakeholders. Most recently, Grinnell College was the lead applicant and recipient of a grant from the Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service to coordinate and hire a team of 14 AmeriCorps members to work in organizations throughout the community in order to advance the early literacy project in Grinnell.



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Grinnell AmeriCorps Partnership

What is the Grinnell AmeriCorps Partnership?

Launched with a 2015-16 AmeriCorps grant through the Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service, the Grinnell AmeriCorps Partnership is a program operated by Grinnell College’s office of Community Enhancement and Engagement to support education priorities in the broader Grinnell community.

What are the Grinnell AmeriCorps Partnership goals?

The Grinnell AmeriCorps Partnership addresses three specific Grinnell-area education priorities:

  1. The Campaign for Grade Level Reading (to get all of Grinnell’s kids reading at grade level by third grade);
  2. The Skills Gap Initiative (to ensure graduates have the skills they need for the workforce); and
  3. Provide added capacity for After School Enrichment in Grinnell's after-school programs. By recruiting a team of 14 AmeriCorps members to serve in local host sites, the partnership will enable a network of community organizations to work together more effectively to advance these goals. Grinnell AmeriCorps Partnership Org Chart

Iowa Reinvestment Act Application

In 2013, the Iowa legislature created a special tax incentive program to spur economic development in Iowa communities. Grinnell submitted an application to this program with the goal of leveraging our local investments with additional state funds. Grinnell College and the City of Grinnell have a history of collaborative community investments which reflect a shared understanding that the prospects for our futures are deeply intertwined. This application, involving over $127 million in shared investments, reflects that unique partnership and dedication to working together to ensure that Grinnell remains a thriving and active community for years to come.