During Passover, the Marketplace serves traditional foods (matzo crackers, matzo ball soup, gefilte fish, eggs, horseradish and charoset) and makes adaptations to the menu and some recipes so that there are acceptable choices available for those observing Passover.  The daily menu adaptations for the Marketplace are available here.  Meals-to-go acceptable for those observing Passover are made available at Out Takes.  Matzo pizza and matzo ball soup are also served at The Spencer Grill during Passover. 


In 2011, the Holy Month of Ramadan is August 1 through 30. Students observing Ramadan and planning to fast (which typically means no food or drink during daylight hours) may pre-register with Dining Services for alternate meal accommodations that will be provided at no additional charge as part of their Grinnell Dining Meal Plan.

Pre-printed meal tickets for each week of Ramadan will be prepared for students to pick up in the Dining Office by the previous Friday by 5 pm. These meal tickets will be issued week by week based on the individual meal plan that the student is participating in. For example, a student on the full meal plan will receive 20 meal tickets each week, the student on the 10 plus plan will receive 10 meal tickets, etc.

These meal tickets may then be redeemed by students observing Ramadan in several ways: 1. in the Marketplace at any time for a self-packaged takeout meal; 2. in the Spencer Grill (beginning 8/20/11) for the designated-for-Ramadan takeout meal option for the day; 3. in the Out Takes (beginning 8/29/11) for the takeout meal of the day; 4. for dining in the Marketplace during regular hours if the student is not fasting.

Students participating in these meal accommodations and picking up meal tickets will not have meals available to them through the usual method of using their P-Card. The meal tickets will replace the meals usually available through use of the P-Card.  If you plan to honor the fast and would like meal accommodations provided, or if you have any questions, please email Michelle Sears.

Students With Medical Dietary Needs

Students with dietary needs resulting from medical diagnoses can participate in Grinnell Dining's program for students with medical dietary needs. Since it is impossible to individualize diets for the entire student body, we request that a licensed physician prescribe the dietary need. We will then make arrangements to meet dietary requirements as prescribed by the licensed physician. The staff at Student Health and Counseling Services and at Dining Services are willing to discuss questions you may have.

Meals for Ill Students

Students who are confined to their room for a medical reason by the health staff may request a meal appropriate for their illness through the Student Health and Counseling Services. Meals may be picked up and delivered by any student on a meal plan with an approved request and the proper identification.

The Dining Service reserves the right to modify the menu when necessary and upon consultation with Student Health and Counseling Services.

Accessibility Assistance In Dining Facilities

Dining Services will provide reasonable accommodations for individuals with assistance needs. When special needs of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors are known in advance, we are better able to meet these needs. Please review the documents below describing the assistance we are able to provide.

Dining Accessibility Assistance for Students.pdf

Dining Accessibility Assistance for Faculty, Staff, and Visitors

Grinnell College's policies regarding accessibility and accommodations made for those with disabilities may be found here: Accessibility at Grinnell College

Dietary and Nutrition Information

Local Food Statement

Grinnell College believes that locally grown food has many advantages. Food that is grown and processed close to where it will be consumed can be fresher, healthier and more flavorful. Purchasing locally grown items supports local businesses and farmers and reduces transportation costs, environmental impact, and the use of preservatives.

In light of these benefits of locally grown foods, Grinnell College will make reasonable efforts to identify and makes purchases of affordably priced local food products that reflect the College's commitment to environmental responsibility. In seeking local food, the College will use a three-tiered definition of local, placing the highest priority on food that comes from Poweshiek County and the surrounding counties(Tama, Benton, Iowa, Keokuk, Mahaska, Marion, Jasper, and Marshall), followed by prioritizing food from the state of Iowa, and then food from the Central Plains region.

For more information, read the Spring 2006 student project, "Local Foods and Grinnell College Dining Services".

Grinnell College's local foods purchasing was highlighted in a recent article in Food Service Director Magazine. Check it out!

Grinnell College Dining Services Local Foods Efforts Recognized

Grinnell College's Dining Services has been recognized for its efforts in local food purchasing and recycling by the Sustainable Endowments Institute. Of the 100 colleges and universities with the largest endowments in the USA and Canada, Grinnell College is one of 26 to receive this recognition for its leadership in sustainable campus operations.

Each school was given a "report card". Grades of A-F were awarded. Grinnell received an "A" in the category of "Food and Recycling".Not only that, but Grinnell College was highlighted as one of four schools that were "Leading by Example" in the introduction to that section of the report.

The reviewers wrote: "Grinnell College dining services uses local, organic products for most staple ingredients, including organic flour and local milk, eggs, herbs, pork, and some fruits and vegetables. Pre- and post-consumer food waste is composted using a pulping machine and donated to a local farm, diverting approximately seven tons of waste each month."


Britt McConnell, RD/LD, serves as Grinnell College's Registered Dietitian.

Britt has gained experience in the areas of nutrition and dietetics by working in a variety of settings including diabetes education, wellness, weight management counseling, long-term care and youth programs.

Britt is on campus each Monday and Wednesday when school is in session. Her educational displays in the Marketplace servery showcase healthy eating and lifestyle choices. These displays typically take place on 1-2 Wednesdays each month. Britt also meets with students to provide dietary support and education. The appointments are free of charge. Students interested in learning more about nutrition or making dietary changes can contact Britt by calling the Dining Services office at 269-3661 or by e-mail at dietitian[at]grinnell[dot]edu (e-mails are read when she arrives on campus).

Britt manages the nutrition information database. If you are interested in learning more about the food you are eating in the Marketplace, explore our nutrition fact sheets below.

Upcoming and recent displays and events:


February 6th – 13 Health tips for 2013
February 19th – Wellness fair
March 6th – Nutrition month – Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day
April 10th – Healthy snacking
April 24th – Food labels
May 8th – Foods that seem healthy but are not

FALL 2012

Wednesday, September 5 - Eat Well, Do Well . . . Marketplace Resources
Tuesday, September 18 - Avoid Brain Drain
Wednesday, October 3 - Healthy Hydration
Wednesday, October 17 - Sugar Shocker
Wednesday, November 7 - Portion Distortion
Wednesday, December 5 - Wired-Where Does Caffeine Fit In?

Helpful links to learn more about nutrition:


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Pioneer One-Card
This official Grinnell College identification card allows you many services around campus, including several in the dining facilities.

Dining Services Committee

Comprised of students, faculty members and administrators, this committee meets regularly during the academic year.

College Services
Dining is one of many service providers under the Office of College Services.

External Links
American Dietetic Association
National Association of College and University Food Services
American Culinary Federation
Vegetarian Resource Group

The Mayo Clinic
This site is a great place to find good nutrition information in a fun,user-friendly format. Registration is free and it allows access to a variety of interactive tools.