The Faulconer Gallery presents exhibitions of regional, national, and international artists throughout the year in 7,420 square feet of state-of-the-art exhibition space at the heart of the Bucksbaum Center for the Arts. Exhibitions in the Print and Drawing Study Room and Burling Gallery, located on the lower level of Burling Library, focus on objects in the Grinnell College Art Collection as well as objects directly related to Grinnell College classes during the spring and fall semesters. Click on the links below for exhibitions current, future, and past, as well as student-curated exhibitions resulting from Mentored Advanced Projects (MAPs) and the Gallery's triennial Exhibition Seminar.

Faulconer Gallery reopens Saturday, October 1, with the exhibition

Archipenko: A Modern Legacy

Opening reception: Friday, September 30, 4:30 - 6 pm


Current Exhibitions

Portraits of Nature in Iowa

August 25 — October 15, 2016

“Nature photography is my passion,” says Ken Saunders II, who retired from a long career with the College’s Facilities Management Department in 2015. All of the photographs in this exhibition were taken by Ken within 40 miles of Grinnell. It may surprise some viewers that this diversity of wildlife can be found so close to our community.  
The Center for Prairie Studies is pleased to co-sponsor this exhibition, which will be on view in Burling Gallery on the lower level of Burling Library.  An opening reception will take place on Friday, September 2, at 4 p.m.  Refreshments will be served.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Anders Krisár

September 30 - December 4, 2016

The Swedish artist Anders Krisár was included in the Faulconer Gallery's spring 2005 exhibition, Scandinavian Photography 1: Sweden. Since then he has turned to sculpture, producing figurative pieces that are uncannily lifelike — cast primarily from members of the artist's own family — and explore the impact of familial relationships and sociological structures on our lives as individuals in a virtual-reality age when physical contact — to imprint, or to be "touched" — is conceived as transgressive rather than palliative.

Archipenko: A Modern Legacy

September 30 — December 11, 2016

Archipenko: A Modern Legacy is a major retrospective exhibition of the life and work of Alexander Archipenko, a maverick in modern sculpture, whose creations remain as important today as they were when they were initially conceived in the twentieth century. Featuring more than 50 sculptures, mixed media reliefs and works on paper, the exhibition spans Archipenko’s entire career. Drawn from major museum collections as well as private holdings, the exceptional objects chosen for this exhibition will convey the richness of Archipenko’s vision as an innovator of modern art.
Archipenko: A Modern Legacy was organized by International Arts & Artists, Washington, D.C., in collaboration with the Archipenko Foundation.

Past Exhibitions

Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers: On the Bright Side...

July 1 - September 11, 2016
In a global cultural exchange routinely reduced to seconds-long sound bites and rapid-fire images, we often refer to "shiny objects" as those rare things that focus or capture our attention for a moment or two longer than usual. Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers, an artists' collaborative in Claremont, California, explore this phenomenon in their sculpture, casting everyday objects and animals in unexpected ways that provoke questions of materiality, surplus and rarity, and the consequences of 21st-century cultural consumers' desires.

Studio Faculty Exhibition

April 9 — June 19, 2016

Work by Jeremy Chen, Mary Coats, Andrew Kaufman, Matthew Kluber, Evan McLaughlin, Andrew Orloski, Lee Emma Running, and Jill Davis Schrift.

All Hands on Deck

May 13 — June 19, 2016

St. Louis artist Damon Davis created seven powerful prints entitled All Hands on Deck in response to recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, and elsewhere. The exhibition features these prints, created at Wildwood Press in St. Louis, as well as other recent additions to the Faulconer Gallery, Grinnell College Art Collection.

BAX: Bachelor of Arts Exhibition 2016

April 9 — May 1, 2016
Featuring works by third and fourth-year art students — those majoring in art and students in other majors who work intensively in studio.

Beverly Semmes: FRP

January 29 – March 20, 2016

In her Feminist Responsibility Project (FRP), Beverly Semmes simultaneously conceals, reveals, and otherwise colorfully intervenes in pornographic scenes from vintage Hustler and Penthouse magazines. The exhibition also features Semmes’s striking work in other media: glass, ceramic, and video, as well as three of her signature dress pieces, including one acquired by the Faulconer Gallery in 2014. This exhibition is co- organized with the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College.

Siberia: In the Eyes of Russian Photographers

January 29 – March 20, 2016

This exhibition is a geographical portrait that has the potential to alter stereotypes about a famously remote region. Photographs span more than 130 years, beginning with the late 19th century and continuing until the present. The images include rural and urban scenes, landscapes, native peoples, agriculture and industry, Russian frontier settlements, the Gulag, religion, and just plain everyday life. Leah BenDavid Val curated the traveling exhibition, organized by Foundation of International Arts and Education.

Current Styles in African Illustration

Burling Gallery, October 26 – December 18

This exhibition highlights a diverse selection of some of the best talents in children's illustration in Africa. It showcases current and distinctive styles coming from various regions on the continent. The illustrations are submissions to the inaugural Golden Baobab Prize for African Illustrators. Golden Baobab founder Deborah Ahenkorah is a recipient of the 2015 Grinnell College Innovator for Social Justice Prize.

Start by Asking Questions: Works from the Faulconer and Rachofsky Collections, Dallas

September 18 – December 13, 2015

How does a collector decide what to buy? Why would a collector buy something challenging or puzzling? Asking questions is fundamental to the collecting process and to understanding art, particularly contemporary art. Start by Asking Questions, drawn from the collections of Vernon ’61 and Amy Hamamoto Faulconer ’59 and Howard and Cindy Rachofsky, brings 46 works of art to Grinnell from The Warehouse, a space the collectors share in Dallas, Texas. With works by Janine Antoni, Eric Fischl, Mark Grotjahn, William Kentridge, Sigmar Polke, Yinka Shonibare, Kara Walker and others, the exhibition excites the mind and the senses with many provocative questions, and serves as a fitting tribute to Vernon Faulconer, who passed away in August.

A Closer Look at the Iowa Prairie: Photographs by Justin Hayworth

Burling Gallery, August 17 – October 11

At one time prairie dominated the Iowa landscape. Now, less than 0.1% of the original Iowa prairie remains. Justin Hayworth’s macro photographs invite viewers to take a closer look at the beauty of prairie plants, celebrate the intricate aesthetics of prairie life, and teach about the unintended consequences of development.

Open to Interpretation

May 15 – August 2, 2015

Curated by Tilly Woodward, Curator of Academic and Community Outreach, and Lesley Wright, Director

The Faulconer Gallery collection is filled with intriguing and curious works of art, which can be enjoyed or interpreted in many different ways. This summer exhibition brings together a range of works and asks visitors to provide comments and captions, selections of which will be shared for others to enjoy and ponder.

Against Reason: Anti/Enlightenment Prints by Callot, Hogarth, Piranesi, and Goya

April 3 – August 2, 2015

Faulconer Gallery

Against Reason explores the darker side of the Enlightenment by asking, among other things: What are the dangers of secularism, nationalism, and a scientific method that dismisses rather than exalts the qualities that make us both human and humane? This pan-European show includes works by four of the most acclaimed draftsmen of France, England, Italy, and Spain, respectively. Against Reason was curated by students Elizabeth Allen ‘16, Timothy McCall ‘15, Mai Pham ‘16, Maria Shevelkina ‘15, Dana Sly ‘15, Hannah Storch ‘16, and Emma Vale ‘15, who designed the exhibition and wrote the catalogue during the exhibition seminar (Fall 2014) directed by Vanessa Lyon, assistant professor of art history.


This exhibition includes a loan of four prints from the Legacies for Iowa, A University of Iowa Museum of Art Collections Sharing Project, Supported by the Matthew Bucksbaum Family.

French Posters from the Lenny Seidenman Collection

Faulconer Gallery, Grinnell College has received a bequest of 14 posters and lithographs by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Pierre Bonnard, and others from the estate of William M. Moore. The collection, named The Lenny Seidenman Collection, Bequest of William M. Moore, in memory of Nina Seidenman ’71, honors both Mr. Moore’s deceased wife, who attended Grinnell College for 2 years and remembered her time with great pride, and his father-in-law, Lenny Seidenman, who collected the art while doing Jewish relief work in Paris just after World War II.

In the collection are 3 posters (including the iconic Divan Japonais) and 7 lithographs by Toulouse-Lautrec, a poster by Bonnard, 3 posters by Jules Chéret, and a large theatrical poster by Bécon. The works are now on view in the Print and Drawing Study Room on the lower level of Burling Library.

1954 Korea: After the Korean War

Photographs by Cliff Strovers

March 23 – May 17, 2015

Life-long Grinnell resident Cliff Strovers was stationed in Pusan (Busan), South Korea in 1953, as part of the 44th Engineering Construction Group after the Korean War. As he helped rebuild the country’s infrastructure, he took photographs of daily life around him. In recent years, he rediscovered the photographs, digitized them and began exhibiting them first in South Korea and now in Iowa. His photographs provide one view of Koreans as they recovered from war 60 years ago.

Organized by the Grout Museum District, Waterloo, Iowa.

Bachelor of Arts Exhibition (BAX)

April 10 – May 3, 2015

Bachelor of Arts Exhibition (BAX) features work by third and fourth-year art students – both majors and students in other majors who work intensively in studio. Students coordinate the exhibition with support from the Faulconer staff: from the submission of proposals, to the selection of a juror, to the installation and awarding of prizes.


Gordon Parks: The Making of an Argument; Playing it Forward: German Expressionism to Expressionism Today; The Education Project Photo Exhibition; Dark Commander: The Art of John Scott; War and Peace Project; Edward Burtynsky: Water


Quiet Smiles; Complex Conversations: Wilie Cole Sculptures and Wall Works; Between These Pages: Collective Memories In Art; Journeys of Wonder: From Curiosity to Insight BAX: Bachelor of Arts Exhibition Scott Hocking; Quality Uncertainty: The Market for Lemons; Jill Davis Schrift: Works in Clay Stocked: Contemporary Art from the Grocery Aisles From Wunderkammer to the Modern Museum, 1606-1884 Decay: The Ephemeral Body in Art


PORTFOLIO: Artists Work in Series; Civil War Era Drawings from the Becker Collection;Constructing Nature; Breach; we're all in this together; Robert Polidori: Selected Works; Animals Among Us; Bachelor of Arts Exhibition (BAX) 2013; Scott Hudson: Wild Horses; Margaret Whiting: Environmental Concerns; Lorna Bieber: From a Distance


Liz Steketee: Family Album; Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin in Iowa; From the Book Forest: Commercial Publishing in Late Imperial China; Chinese Propaganda Posters, 1949-1979; Bare Bones: Art as Social Satire; Sandow Birk's American Qur'an; Student Art Salon 2012; There's Something Happening Here;Jenny Holzer's Inflammatory Essays; 1966 Yearbook Project; Student Art Salon 2012


Bryan Drury: Feast; Harry Shearer: Silent Echo Chamber; Michael Van den Besselaar: Unconscious Optics; Mark Wagner: Face Value; Sandow Birk: American Qur'an; Laughing Matters: Soviet Propaganda in Khrushchev's Thaw, 1956-1964; Culturing Community: Projects About Place; Kind Favor, Kind Letter: Kate Carr, Tatiana Ginsberg, Lee Emma Running; Of Fables and Folly: Diane Victor, Recent Work; Ar(t)chive: American Art in Historical Context, 1930-1990; Women in Conflict; Student Art Salon 2011

Student Curated Exhibitions

One of the features of the Faulconer Gallery's exhibition program is its support of student-curated exhibitions that are the fulfillment of Mentored Advanced Projects (MAPs), internships at the Faulconer Gallery, or the Exhibition Seminar, a combined course and exhibition directed by faculty members of the Department of Art in partnership with the Faulconer Gallery. The Seminar's purpose is to support students in the organization of an exhibition from the College's permanent collection based on subject matter, criteria, and objects selected entirely by the student participants. They set the exhibition checklist, supervise the design and installation, and write essays about their selected works that are compiled in a professionally designed and illustrated exhibition catalog published by the Faulconer Gallery. Follow the links below to see past student-curated exhibitions, and visit our publications page to find catalogs available for purchase.

Exhibitions of the Exhibition Seminar Directed by the Department of Art in Partnership with Faulconer Gallery

Ghost Dance: Exhibiting Paradox: Edward S. Curtis Photogravures in the Grinnell College Art Collection

Giovanni Battista Piranesi: Grandeur and Fantasy: Visions and Views of Rome

I saw it: The Invented Reality of Francisco Goya's Disasters of War

Repeat, Reveal, React: Identities in Flux

Walking a Tightrope: German Expressionist Printmaking, 1904-1928

Museum Studies Class Exhibitions

Ar(t)chive: American Art in Historical Context, 1930-1990

Mentored Advanced Project (MAP) Exhibitions

Adelita: Enrique Chagoya's Recast Heroine

Jolán Gross-Bettelheim: The American Modernist

Seri Ironwood Carvings

Walter Sickert's Narrative Modernism

Faulconer Gallery Interns' Exhibitions

Bare Bones: Art as Social Satire

Holzer's Inflammatory Essays: Exploring Agency and Cultural Spaces


Stories and Histories

Women in Conflict

Young Pioneers: Lithographs from the Johnson-Horrigan Collection