Individual Financial Aid Counseling

If you are interested in how your off-campus study choices will impact your financial aid or your out-of-pocket cost, email the Office of Student Financial Aid or call 641-269-3250 to schedule an individual appointment.

Aid Policies Related to Off-Campus Study

Students approved for off-campus study (OCS) programs who wish to receive aid must go through the same financial aid process as students intending to remain on campus. All financial aid deadlines and requirements still apply. Awards for the fall semester are generally mailed in June, and awards for the spring semester are mailed in November. Certain conditions apply to OCS that may affect your award:

  • Trustee Honor Scholarships and Grinnell International Grants can be used for OCS but cannot be adjusted upwards to reflect increased costs.

  • Tuition Remission benefits can only be applied to Grinnell-in-London and Grinnell-in-Washington OCS.

  • Students are not permitted to work abroad. Therefore, Federal Work-study eligibility may be replaced by loans.

  • Aid will not under any circumstances exceed the cost of attendance.

Unapproved Programs

Students who decide to attend an off-campus study program NOT APPROVED by the OCS Board are not eligible for aid through Grinnell College, nor can Grinnell be responsible for notifying lenders that students have enrolled elsewhere.