Dancers in blue and white in front of Grinnell ISO logo on bannerThe mission of the ISO is to promote international understanding within and beyond the college community. Furthermore, ISO encourages students to broaden their horizons and explore and experience different cultures.  Our organization also acts as a networking group for members.

The ISO executive cabinet for 2016-17:

  • President: Takahiro Omura
  • Vice President: Joshua Ekirikubinza Tibatemwa
  • Secretary: Quynh Nguyen
  • Treasurer: Anushka Joshi
  • Social Coordinator: May Kurata, Abyaya Lamsal
  • Publicity Coordinator: Ana Segebre, Maria Ciupka

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*Note: joining the ISO Facebook Page does not make you a voting member of the organization. Membership is only available to Grinnell College students, and you can request membership by emailing the group.