Crady Mail Services is the hub for student, department, and internal campus mail. Here you can send and receive packages and letters (both intra-campus and off campus), purchase stamps, and recycle packaging. The lobby also features a stock of campus publications, such as Scarlet & Black, Grinnell Review, and The Grinnell Magazine, available free on a first-come basis. Students and faculty members have combination-code mailboxes accessible 6:30 am to midnight seven days a week.


  • Individual and booklet stamps for purchase
  • Fedex mailing supplies - a drop box is located in the lobby of the mailroom (Fedex drivers check the drop box at 3:00 p.m. Mon-Fri, with exceptions on holidays).
  • Collection and distribution of student and department mail and parcels and delivery of internal campus mail
  • Recycling bins for various materials and packaging
  • Campus publications and program brochures, including the Scarlet & Black - available in the lobby on a first-come basis
  • Outgoing and incoming FAX service - FAX number: 1-641-269-3406. Please specify recipient's name in BOLD on front page. Out-going transmission (9am-4pm, M-F) fee: $1.00 for first page; 25 cents for each additional page