The summer residential program is available to Grinnell College students who are: 

  • summer research/MAP/MIP students; or
  • full time summer interns; or
  • (student) College employees who work a minimum of 30 hours per week. 

The summer residential program is NOT available to:

  • individuals who are not Grinnell College students;
  • students who have graduated; or
  • former students who are no longer enrolled at Grinnell College.


$70 per week (full week contracts only; partial week refunds will not be issued).

Full Term

5 p.m., Monday, May 18 through 12 noon, Sunday, August 2 (11 weeks). Students whose summer residency term begins May 18 will remain in their Spring ’15 residence hall/house room until summer keys and rooms are ready, which will 9 a.m. Saturday, May 23.

Part Term

Subject to availability. A minimum of 4 weeks is required to be eligible and weeks must be consecutive. Part term residency is on a space available basis; priority is given to full term requests. Students requesting part term residency must clearly indicate the dates housing is needed on the Summer Residency Contract. Students whose partial summer residency term begins May 18 will remain in their Spring ’15 residence hall/house room until summer keys and rooms are ready, which will be 9 a.m. Saturday, May 23.

Interim Residency

Late interim residency is available to a small number of students who are unable to leave campus after the summer term. Special approval for late summer interim residency must be received from the Residence Life Department. Students must indicate their need for interim residency on the Summer Residential Contract. Students may be placed in a transitional room during their late interim stay. The charge for late interim residency is NOT included in the total rental amount and must be paid separately.

Late Interim Residency

12 noon Sunday, August 2 through 8 a.m. August 25 (fall opening day) OR 8 a.m. the day your Fall Early Arrival Sponsored Student status begins. Students requesting late interim housing will be sent a separate email providing more information. COST: $10 per day

NOTE: Students studying abroad or taking a leave of absence in the fall are NOT eligible for late interim housing.

Sign Up

To reserve a space for summer residency, the Summer Residential Contract must be submitted by 5 p.m. on THURSDAY, MAY 7. A $70 payment must be submitted to the Cashier’s Office (1stfloor of the John Chrystal Center) by 5 p.m. on THURSDAY, MAY 7. Payment may be made by cash, check, or credit/debit card. The $70 payment is applied to total rental charges; the remainder of rent is automatically deducted from student's payroll or stipend. Students who request summer residency after the May 7 deadline are awarded housing on a 'space available' basis.


The following locations will be used for the Summer '15 term:

  • 1128 East St. (4 singles, 4 doubles)
  • 1130 East St. (4 singles, 3 doubles)
  • 1023 Park St. (3 singles, 2 doubles)
  • 1221 Park St. (1 single, 1 cubby single, 3 doubles)
  • 1227 Park St. (3 singles, 3 doubles)
  • 1316 Park St. (4 singles, 4 doubles)


Students will have the opportunity to ‘rank’ their house preference(s) and may request a specific house. Students may also request to be housed with a group of other students and/or a specific roommate. Roommate requests are guaranteed (both students must indicate their roommate preference); specific house/assignment requests are NOT guaranteed. Assignments are dependent on need and availability. Students are assigned a single room whenever possible; however, there are not enough single rooms for everyone. If spaces/rooms are needed, students will be paired with a roommate. Students will be notified of their summer assignment via email on or before Wednesday, May 20.

Campus houses are not fully (handicap) accessible and not air conditioned. Students with accessibility needs or a medical condition which requires an accommodation must have documentation on file with the disability resources office. The type of accommodation required must be clearly indicated on the Summer Residential Contract. Students in need of an accommodation will be assigned a room based on the accommodation required.

Room Keys & P-Cards

Room keys will be available from the Campus Security Office (1432 East St. / corner of East St. and 10th Ave.) beginning at 9 a.m. on Saturday, May 23. The Security Office is open 24/7 so you may pick up your key at a time that works best for you. P-cards will be activated only for the hall/house students are assigned. Students whose summer term begins May 18 must complete their room change by 12 noon, Monday, May 25.

A $50 key deposit will be charged to the student’s College account. Room keys must be returned before students leave campus (at check out or taken to the Security Office). Students who do not return their key will not receive credit for the $50 key deposit.


A Room Inventory Report will be completed for each room. Students should thoroughly review the Room Inventory Report following check in. At the end of the summer term, students must schedule a time to check out of their room with the Residence Life Department or forfeit the right to appeal damage/excessive clean up charges. Any damage or excessive cleaning charges incurred during the summer term will be billed directly to the student's College account. Reminder: Room keys must be returned at check out or taken to Campus Security before leaving campus. Students who do not return their key will not receive credit for the $50 key deposit.

Laundry & Storage

Students living in summer residency may use laundry facilities located in the residence halls. Pcards will be activated for laundry access. College laundry facilities are available ONLY to students enrolled in the summer residency program. Short-term storage is also available and accessible throughout the summer. Laundry facility and storage details will be sent to students via email following the May 7 application due date.