Grinnell Parking mapParking Committee Members:

  • Christi Baker, Auxiliary Services
  • Roger Bauman, Athletic Department
  • Denise Bennett, Campus Safety
  • Michael Burt, Facilities Management
  • Kahlil Epps, SGA Student Representative
  • Paige Everly, Staff Council Representative
  • Timothy Hollibaugh, Faculty Representative, Department of Physical Education
  • Stacey Puls, ITS Representative
  • James Shropshire, Campus Safety
  • Jane Taylor, Office of the Treasurer
  • Captain Theresa Petersen, Grinnell PD
  • Jenelle Veit, Conference Operations
  • Richard Whitney, Facilities Management
  • Autumn Wilke, Disability Resources

Download: Campus Parking Map (PDF)

Parking Regulations

Student Parking

In lots by:

  • 1023 and 1019 Park
  • 1217 and 1221 Park
  • Across the street from Main Hall
  • Read, Haines, James, and Cleveland Halls
  • Norris and Cowles Halls
  • North of Rathje Hall
  • Campus Safety and Security

Visitor Parking

In lots by:

  • Windsor House
  • John Chrystal Center
  • Macy House
  • Black Cultural Center
  • Tennis Courts and Fitness Center

Accessible Parking

For persons with disability parking permits in lots by:

  • Rosenfield Center
  • Noyce Science Center

Faculty/Staff Parking

In lots near:

  • 1023 and 1019 Park
  • Windsor House
  • John Chrystal Center
  • Nollen House, Harry Hopkins House, and 1127 Park
  • Preschool Lab
  • Chaplain
  • Main Hall
  • Burling Library
  • The Forum
  • Mears Cottage
  • Loose Hall
  • Noyce Science Center
  • Black Cultural Center
  • Tennis Courts and Fitness Center
  • South of Campus Safety and Security
  • Harris Center

Disability Permits/Parking at Grinnell College

Handicap permits and temporary handicap permits may require approval from a physician or the Student Health Center Director (SHACS). This approval must be in writing and a copy given to Campus Safety. (Verbal physician or Student Health Center Director's approval is allowed.) A temporary handicap permit is issued for one month, and if needed longer, more permanent permit can be requested from Campus Safety. These permits are white with red lettering.

State of Iowa parking permits can be requested through the State of Iowa.

Campus parking lots have handicap parking areas, which are designated as such. A College or state handicap permit is valid in these spaces.

Grinnell College handicap permits are free as long as you already have a College permit. Only one permit is issued per student or employee of the college.

Parking in a handicap space without displaying an appropriate permit is a $100 College fine.