Sign Up For Pioneer Alert, Modify Your Account, or Opt-Out of Pioneer Alert

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Pioneer Alert: Common questions about account management

Q: What exactly is Pioneer Alert?

A: Pioneer Alert is a notification system that allows designated administrators (campus security) to send time-sensitive messages to the mobile devices subscribers (students, faculty, and staff). In the event of an emergency, subscribers can get notified immediately of the situation.  Pioneer Alert does not replace the email alerts sent via the campus mail system.

Q: What is a notification?

A: A notification is defined as a form of communication that delivers descriptive information about news or an event, unlike a bell or siren that communicates little information.

Q: Will I receive unsolicited messages or SPAM on my mobile device?

A: NO.  e2Campus (the company that hosts Pioneer Alert) enforces a ZERO SPAM policy which clearly prohibits unsolicited messages.  e2Campus does not sell the contact information of subscribers to third party marketers.

Q: How do I sign up for Pioneer alerts?

A: Students, Faculty and Staff are auto-enrolled in the system using the information the college has on record.

Q: People can text me, however I cannot receive a message from Pioneer Alert

A: Your device may only accept messages from other mobile devices and not from messaging services. There are two types of text messaging:

  • Mobile Originated (sending a text message from one phone to another)
  • Mobile Terminated (a non-cellphone to a cell phone)

You may be able to receive mobile-to-mobile messaging however it appears that mobile terminated messaging is not activated on your account.  You can test if your device can accept Pioneer Alerts.

Q: How do I opt-out (remove myself) from receiving Pioneer Alerts?

A: You may deactivate and stop alerts to your mobile device at any time in either of 2 ways:

  1. Log into your account and visit the "Services" section to change your device settings or deactivate your account.
  2. Reply to an alert with the word "Stop" (without the quotes).