Communication Center

The Grinnell College Safety Communication Center is located at 1432 East Street on the corner of 10th Avenue and East Street. The Communication Center is staffed 24 hours a day, every day. The department currently employs one Technical Support Assistant II (Dispatch Center Coordinator) and three (3) part-time call-in dispatchers and numerous part-time student dispatchers. All of our operators are trained to handle emergency situations. The Communications Center is supervised by the Director of Campus Safety. The Communications Center is responsible for the following:

  • Receiving incoming calls for assistance from the college and community.
  • Maintain and operate the Safety dispatch center.
  • Dispatch Safety Officers and other emergency services to locations needed.
  • Operate the after hours campus telephone information system.

The communications operator is normally the first point of contact a person has with the Grinnell Safety Department. When a call for service is received, the communications center operator is responsible for obtaining the caller's call back number, and the location and nature of the call. The operator should also obtain any information that will assist the responding Safety Officer with the investigation of the incident. The coordinator of the Grinnell College Communications Center is Denise Bennett. Please direct any questions concerning the communications center to her.

Driver Training

Please contact Denise Bennett at the Campus Safety Office, 641-269-4600, to sign up for the course. The objective of this course is to help you improve your ability to read and respond safely to potential collision-producing situations. Since this is not a lecture course, your participation and contributions throughout will be the keys to its success. By watching the video presentations,  interacting with others in the class, and incorporating the skills into your daily driving, you will reduce your chances of becoming involved in a collision.

Enterprise Cars

The Enterprise regional manager believes they can provide better service, plus operate more efficiently, if the Grinnell office is closed and all rentals would come out of the Marshalltown office. The Grinnell office has only been open for 2–3 years, and before that time, the vehicles were delivered from the Marshalltown office.

Beginning Monday, March 18, when making Enterprise reservations online with trips originating from Grinnell, you will need to select Marshalltown from the drop down menu. Their office staff will get the online reservation and automatically know the vehicle needs to be delivered to the Grinnell College Campus Safety office.

The Marshalltown Enterprise phone number is: 641-752-1000 or 1-800-257-1136. 

Safety Escorts

Where are the boundaries?

The Grinnell College Escort Service (Safe Rides) will escort you anywhere on the campus or within the city of Grinnell.

What type of escort is available?

Staff members with the Campus Safety Department will walk or drive you to and from your destinations on campus or within the city of Grinnell. The escorts carry two-way radios providing direct communication with the Dispatch Center.

How do I arrange an escort?

Call the Grinnell College Campus Safety and Department at extension 4600 (on-campus) or at 269-4600 (off-campus).

What are the hours of operation?

The Grinnell College Escort Service is provided by the Campus Safety/Parking Services Department and it operates 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Shuttle Service

Learn more about the shuttle and shuttle schedule at Transportation and Shuttles for Students.

Walmart Shuttles

The People Rides Bus Service will continue this year. They will pick up in front of the Joe Rosenfield Center every week Monday through Friday. The cost is $3 for a round-trip ticket. The bus will also stop in downtown Grinnell.

Tickets to ride the bus can be purchased at the Spencer Grill, Bookstore and Campus Safety.

People Rides Bus Service schedule will be the following starting September 2, 2012:

  • Tues/Thurs: Grinnell College only noon pickup at Rosenfield Center, return from Walmart 1:30 p.m.
  • Mon./Wed./Fri.: Grinnell College pickup at 11 a.m. at Rosenfield Center. return 12:15 p.m.*

Women's Self-Defense Class

The R.A.D. program is the worlds largest women's self defense program in the country. There are over 5000 certified instructors in 29 states and Canada. The program has been taught at more than 100 colleges and universities and has trained over 250,000 women since 1989. RAD program offers a free lifetime return and practice policy honored throughout the United States and Canada. Classes are offered through Grinnell College Safety Office.

Our Instructional Objective:

"To develop and enhance the options of self defense, so they may become viable considerations to the woman who is attacked."

Awareness & Risk Reduction We teach risk reduction techniques that can be used at home, work, out and about, at your vehicle, as well while traveling or dating. We teach the importance of being aware of your surroundings and how that alone can be a deterrent to aggression. Self defense: We teach the principles of good defense and striking so women have several options when confronted by an aggressor. Women experience how to deliver an effective strike to vulnerable areas of the aggressor. The basic self-defense tactics are easy to learn, retain, and employ. Simulation: Women are then given the opportunity to experience an attack in a controlled setting. Instructors wear protective equipment that allows women to use the trained techniques at full power. The R.A.D. program is a 12-hour course usually divided over a two or three day period. Contact the Campus Safety Office at 269-4600 for more information or visit the R.A.D national website.

Faculty, Staff, and Students

Class sizes must be at least 5 participants and no more than 25. One class has 5 days of instruction up to 9 hours mandatory plus 3 additional hours are optional.

Important !f you are interested in setting up a class; please contact instructors by clicking on their names below. Please remember that the minimum class size is 5 in order to hold the class. Please remember this is a closed class for participants only. Other self defense courses are given throughout the year.  These courses are advertised during the college term. 

Lt. Robert DeBerg, 641-269-4669