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Choosing Your Coverage

All students are required to have health insurance while attending Grinnell. You may maintain coverage through your existing parental or personal policy, or you may choose to purchase the College’s student group insurance.  Some students elect to carry both the student group insurance in addition to their parental or personal policy as supplemental coverage. 

It is a good idea to review your insurance policy so that you are familiar with what might or might not be covered while you are at Grinnell. Insurance policies vary widely in what they cover and what they exclude from coverage.

The College does not benefit financially in any way when students purchase the student group insurance.

Unless you have confirmed that your current insurance provides excellent coverage for health and mental health services you may receive in Grinnell, we recommend that you consider purchasing the student group insurance, which is widely accepted in the community. This recommendation is based on seeing some students postpone or forego needed treatment because their insurance will not cover services here.

Health Insurance

The deadline to elect coverage or complete the waiver form and receive credit is August 24, 2017, the first day of classes.

Most services provided by Student Health and Counseling Services (SHACS) are free to students. Modest fees are charged for some services such as immunizations, HIV testing, and Plan B.

Your health insurance will be utilized for health, mental health, and pharmacy services provided off campus.

If you have comparable insurance that covers you in Grinnell, Iowa, then you have the option to waive out of the plan offered by the College.

The deadline to elect coverage or complete the waiver form and receive credit is August 24, 2017, the first day of classes. Waiver forms will not be accepted after this date. When you complete  the online waiver form, the cost of the insurance will be credited to your student billing statement.

If you neither enrolled in the plan nor waived coverage by the deadline, you will be enrolled. To enroll or to waive coverage, visit the Gallagher website.

Insurance Card and App

Students insured by the College will not receive physical insurance cards, but can access their information through the United Health Care app or print it off through the UHC or Gallagher websites. See Instructions for navigating the Gallagher site.

Finding Providers 

Insured students  can find a preferred provider for medical services by using the following websites:


Please contact Dustin Smith at Ramsey Weeks, 641-236-3141, or Grinnell College’s Cashier’s office, 641-269-4100, for more information about the plan.

If you have questions regarding the coverage of a medical claim, please contact Dustin Smith of Ramsey-Weeks Inc., 641-236-3141.

For coverage information you may access Gallagher Student Health. If you have questions, please call 844-269-4995 to speak to a customer service representative.