The Audit and Assessment Committee shall oversee the policies and procedures required for the maintenance of complete and accurate financial records by the College, as well as for compliance with all governmental reporting obligations.  It shall oversee the policies and procedures required to maintain an effective institution-wide risk management system. The Committee also oversees the assessment of the College's performance and fulfillment of its mission.


  • Bob Barr
  • Odile Disch-Bhadkamkar
  • John Egan
  • Hal Fuson
  • Atul Gupta (Chair)
  • John Kispert (Vice-Chair)
  • Randall Morgan
  • Jeanne Myerson
  • Barry Thomas (ex officio)
  • David White

Faculty Appointee

  • Keith Brouhle ’97, Economics


  • Kate Walker, Vice-President for Finance and Treasurer of the College
  • Nancy Combs, Controller and Assistant Treasurer of the College