The Executive Committee shall between meetings of the Board of Trustees, exercise the authority of the Board in the management of the College; in emergencies to make temporary provision until the next meeting of the Board for the discharge of duties performed by the Officers of the College; to administer and perform the duties prescribed under the Conflict of Interest Policy; and to convene at the call of the Chair of the Board or the President of the College at any time during the year to transact business at times and places convenient to the majority of the Executive Committee.


  • Trish F. Anderson
  • Patricia Finkelman, Chair
  • Charles Gottdiener
  • Atul Gupta
  • Michael Kahn, Vice Chair
  • John Kispert
  • Tobi Marcus
  • George Moose, Vice Chair
  • Ed Senn
  • Joel Spiegel
  • Matthew Welch