The Finance Committee oversees and monitors the College’s annual operating and ongoing capital budgets, issuance and repayment of debt, management of financial reserves, and long-range strategies toward financial sustainability. To accomplish this, the Finance Committee shall receive and evaluate regular reports from the College's Treasurer providing:

  1. Comparisons of actual/forecast revenues and expenditures to budget, accompanied by an explanation of variances;
  2. Updates on the structure and status of the College’s debt obligations;
  3. Updates on the status of reserve funds;
  4. Other financial reports as requested by the Committee.

 The Finance Committee shall be responsible for ensuring that the Board of Trustees receives the information necessary for the Board to oversee the safeguarding of the College’s financial stability, long-term economic health, and prudent use of financial resources in a manner consistent with the Mission Statement and the stated aims and goals of academic departments, administrative units, and ancillary programs. The Finance Committee shall work collaboratively with other Board committees, in consultation with the President, to make recommendations to the Board regarding financial policies, decisions and actions, including but not limited to spending and endowment payout policies; sources of income appropriate to meeting the College's needs; debt capacity, issuance and repayment; and capital expenditures and financing. The Board may assign additional responsibilities as the Board deems appropriate.


  • Odile Disch-Bhadkamkar
  • Charlie Gottdiener
  • John Kispert, Chair
  • Sylvia Kwan, Vice Chair
  • Steve Moyer
  • Karen Shaff
  • Matthew Welch
  • Eric Whitaker
  • George Moose, ex officio