The Governance Committee is responsible for maintaining the vitality and effectiveness of the Board in order that the Board can faithfully execute oversight and fiduciary responsibility for the College in a manner that enables the College to satisfactorily meet its Mission Statement and Objects as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation. Among its duties, the Committee is responsible for:

  • A. Board Composition: determining the most effective composition of the Board,
  • B. Strategies: recommending strategies to cultivate and attract candidates who will meet the Board’s and College’s needs,
  • C. New Members: nominating new members of the Board, providing for the orientation, training, motivation, and assessment of Trustees,
  • D. Overall Performance: monitoring the overall performance of the Board,
  • E. Operations: and recommending changes in the Board’s operations, policies and procedures, and Bylaws to improve the Board’s performance.
  • F. Additional Duties. In addition the Board may assign additional activities or authority for oversight as the Board deems appropriate.


  • Bob Barr
  • Hal Fuson (Vice-Chair)
  • Charles Gottdiener
  • Tobi Marcus
  • Kathryn Mohrman
  • Randall Morgan
  • Barry Thomas (ex officio)
  • David White
  • Trish Anderson (Chair)