In order to discharge its oversight responsibilities, the Student Life and Enrollment Committee shall work with the President and the administrative leaders of the Division of Student Affairs, Admission and Financial Aid, and the Center for Careers, Life & Service in considering and making recommendations to the Board, as it deems appropriate, regarding all matters related to student life, enrollment—including issues of admission, composition of the class and its diversity, and financial aid—and postgraduate planning among students at the College.


  • Trish Anderson
  • Peter Calvert
  • Laura Ferguson
  • Steve Holtze
  • Todd Linden
  • Tobi Marcus (Chair)
  • David Maxwell
  • Susie McCurry
  • George Moose (ex officio)
  • Eric Whitaker (Vice-Chair)

Faculty Appointee

  • Karla Erickson, Sociology


  • Joe Bagnoli, Vice-President for Enrollment and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid
  • Andrea Conner, Associate Vice-President for Student Affairs
  • Mark Peltz, Daniel and Patricia Jipp Finkelman Dean, Center for Careers, Life, and Service