The Student Life and Enrollment Committee shall serve as a regular means of communication between the student body and the Trustees on all matters relating to student life at the College.


  • Peter Calvert
  • Laura Ferguson
  • Steve Holtze
  • Todd Linden
  • Tobi Marcus
  • Susie McCurry
  • Kathryn Mohrman
  • George Moose (Vice-Chair)
  • Eric Whitaker (Chair)
  • David Braman (Ex-Officio)

Faculty Appointee

  • Leslie Gregg-Jolly, Biology


  • Joe Bagnoli, Vice-President for Enrollment and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid
  • Andrea Conner, Associate Vice-President for Student Affairs
  • Mark Peltz, Daniel and Patricia Jipp Finkelman Dean, Center for Careers, Life, and Service