In April 2017, the Board of Trustees appointed a Board Task Force to study the issue of divestment from fossil fuels and to make a recommendation by the April 2018 Board of Trustees meeting. In addition, the board requested that President Kington appoint a supporting advisory committee of students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

The task force will examine ways in which Grinnell College can have a positive impact on the critical global issue of climate change, including but not limited to divestment. The goal is to explore these important topics in an intellectually serious and transparent way, beginning over the summer of 2017 and continuing into the fall.

The task force will review a variety of materials and hear from various experts through a  series of dialogues in September, October, and November 2017. All dialogues will be open to members of the college and town communities; participation will be welcomed through a moderated Q&A process.

Copies of all documents reviewed by the task force and other resources will be available on this site. In addition, when presenters agree, presentations and discussions with the task force will be video recorded and made available on this site.

Please note that creation of the task force does not supersede the divestment policy adopted by the Investment Committee at the February meeting. Regardless of the task force's recommendation, any formal request that the College divest of fossil fuel holdings will be subject to the Investment Committee policy.

Contact Information

Please email suggestions and feedback to fossilfuels[at]grinnell[dot]edu.