Department: Biology

School Year: 2013-2014

Contact Information: biosepc[at]grinnell[dot]edu

The BioSEPC is a student-faculty liaison which provides the faculty with student input on professors, candidates, curriculum and other department issues. As our primary duty, we survey students and summarize their opinions regarding current professors and professorial candidates. We then submit these summaries to the department faculty and/or other appropriate committees on campus.

In addition, we send one representative to the bi-weekly department faculty meetings and another representative to the bi-weekly Student Curriculum Committee meeting chaired by the SGA Vice President/President of Academic Affairs. For fun, we organize the department study breaks and picnics, and send out a monthly newsletter to majors. Historically, we also have had input into the types of speakers that the department brings to campus for the weekly seminars. We hold weekly meetings to delegate duties and to discuss pertinent issues.

The BioSEPC generally consists of seven members. We are a fun-loving group of kids with a common interest of Biology. Join us, won't you?

Biology SEPC Committee Members

  • Marta Andelson '14
  • Chris Marsho '14
  • John Seng '14
  • Keaton Cameron-Burr '15 
  • Elsa Goldman '15 
  • Will Gottlieb '15 
  • Evan Griffith '15 

Summer Research Opportunities

Grinnell College Biology Research: Grinnell offers summer research opportunities for direct work with the professors. The website lists the professors as well as their areas of research. The professors that are participating in student summer research will present their research during second semester and inform the students of the opportunities available. Students receive a stipend, but must provide their own housing and transportation.

The website also lists a number of off-campus summer research opportunities, including laboratory work, field stations, and marine biology. This site is very helpful and includes the application deadlines for each program.

Current Grinnell College students who have conducted off-campus research in the past two years: Biology Summer Research Archive

Read the exciting experiences of three students who conducted research outside of Grinnell for the summer of 2002: Biology Summer 2002 research experiences