We have several committees that lead the curricular and policy changes within the education program. These include the following:

The Teacher Education Committee (TEC) shapes the policies and programs of the education program and authorizes students for the licensure program.
2015-16 TEC Members are:

  • Clair  Moisan - Humanities
  • Gemma Sala - Social Studies
  • Andrew Graham - Science

The Teacher Advisory Committee (TAC) facilitates dialogue and manages relationships with area schools.

Current TAC Members are:

  • Rick Radcliff (Principal, BGM - Brooklyn, Iowa)
  • Steve Alig (BGM - Brooklyn, Iowa)
  • Sarah Hegg-Dunn (Principal, Grinnell-Newburg Middle School)
  • Liz Hansen (Grinnell-Newburg High School)
  • David Abarr '83 (Grinnell Newburg - Davis School)
  • Leah Slick-Driscoll (Meskwaki Settlement High School, Tama)
  • Deanna Zmolek (South Tama County - Tama, Iowa)

In addition, student majors within the program elect a Student Educational Policy Committee (SEPC) every year that assists in the faculty hiring and review process and in planning extracurricular activities, such as visiting lecturers and student colloquia.

The 2015-2016 SEPC’s for the Education Department are: 

  • Alexandra Odom '16  (History)  [co-chair]
  • Rachel Von Holst '16 (History)  [co-chair]
  • Jherron Sutton '18   (Undeclared)
  • Christian Clark '18   (Undeclared)
  • Ellen Schneider '17  (History)
  • Elizabeth Nelson '17 (Anthro)
  • Teresa Villarreal '17 (Biology) [abroad fall semester]