Every English major at Grinnell receives a thorough grounding in the tools of literary analysis, studies the literary traditions of a variety of ages and places, and completes ambitious research projects. The department offers students a range of choices as they pursue those ends; the flexible curriculum allows students to read American, British, Irish, and postcolonial literatures from a variety of critical and theoretical perspectives. We represent the relationships among our courses, requirements, and departmental goals on our English curricular map.

Within this curriculum, every English major develops his or her own questions and interests. The major begins with a 100-level course in which students develop their analytical skills by paying close attention to texts and developing an awareness of contemporary approaches to literary study. The 200 level includes courses that introduce students to the practices of creative and argumentative writing; the traditions of American, African-American, ethnic American, British, Irish, and postcolonial literatures; and the theoretical tools of historical linguistics and gender studies. Those courses provide the necessary background for the three 300-level seminars that every English major completes. Courses at the 300 level require more advanced work in literary study and creative writing; these courses train students in advanced skills of self-directed research and writing. To complement this intensive study of English as a discipline, English majors also complete at least introductory study of a foreign language and one course that involves an interdisciplinary approach to humanistic inquiry.

The English section of the course catalog offers more information about all these courses and details of the department’s major requirements.

Spring 2018

ENG-120-01 Literary Analysis - S. Andrews

ENG-120-02 Literary Analysis - T. Arner

ENG-120-03 Literary Analysis - K. Moriah

ENG-120-04 Literary Analysis - C. Jacobson

ENG-121-01 Introduction to Shakespeare - J. Garrison

ENG-204-01 The Craft of Argument - T. Arner

ENG-205-01 The Craft of Fiction - P. Smith

ENG-205-02 The Craft of Fiction - A. Nutting

ENG-207-01 Craft of Creative Nonfiction - R. Savarese

ENG-215-01 Reading & Writing Youth Culture - S. Jones

ENG-224-01 Tradition of English Lit II - C. Jacobson

ENG-228-01 American Literary Traditions II - S. Andrews

ENG-232-01 Traditions of Ethnic American Literature - H. Phan

ENG-295-01 ST: Lighting the Page: Digital Methods - E. Simpson

ENG-314-01 Milton - J. Garrison

ENG-325-01 Studies in Ethnic American Literatures - H. Phan

ENG-329-01 Studies in African American Literature - K. Moriah

ENG-331-01 Studies in American Prose II - R. Savarese

ENG-360-01 Seminar in Postcolonial Literature - S. Kapila

ENG-386-01 ST: Writing Seminar: Poetry- H. Phan

ENG-395-01 ST: Screen Writing - D. Bakopoulos & A. Nutting

Fall 2017

ENG-120-01 Literary Analysis - C. Jacobson

ENG-120-02 Literary Analysis - K. Moriah

ENG-120-03 Literary Analysis - J. Shook

ENG-120-04 Literary Analysis - K. Moriah

ENG-121-01 Introduction to Shakespeare - J. Garrison

ENG-121-02 Introduction to Shakespeare - J. Garrison

ENG-205-01 The Craft of Fiction - D. Bakopoulos

ENG-206-01 The Craft of Poetry - R. Savarese

ENG-210-01 Studies in Genre - T. Arner

ENG-223-01 The Tradition of English Lit I - J. Garrison

ENG-227-01 American Literary Traditions I - S. Andrews

ENG-229-01 The Tradition of African American Lit - K. Moriah

ENG-327-01 The Romantics - E. Simpson

ENG-328-01 Studies in American Poetry II - S. Andrews

ENG-331-01 Studies in American Prose II - A. Nutting

ENG-385-01 Writing Seminar: Fiction - P. Smith

ENG-395-01 ST: Screen Writing - D. Bakopoulos & Alissa Nutting