Psychology Department

Studying psychology, you learn how to read texts closely, design and conduct laboratory research and use related technology, and analyze and interpret statistics. In courses you investigate the natural science and principles of behavior and learn how to ethically apply them to alleviate suffering. You can also participate in the Journal Club, independent study, and internships. Majors can go on to graduate studies or careers in teaching, scientific research, clinical work, medicine, law, and more.


Tracy Pa ’15 and Isaiah Tyree ’15 earn federal grants to study abroad in the spring; Pa in Japan and Tyree in South Africa.

Fall Inductees:

  • Lorraine Blatt ’14
  • Miriam Clayton ’15
  • Benyamin Elias ’15
  • Jessica Flannery ’15
  • Ashlee Hulbert ’15
  • Iulia Iordache ’15
  • Laurie Polisky ’15
  • Morgan Sullivan ’15
  • Julianne Toia ’15
  • ...


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