Below are listed some examples of past student MAP work. This list is, by no means, comprehensive and is still being built but hopefully provides an overview of the kind of work you could do in the future. 

Year Name of Student Project Title Professor Mentor
Spring 2016 Prakriti Shrestha Examining the Social and Cultural Factors that Affect Access to Kidney Healthcare Services including HLA Testing and Transplantation in Nepal. Susan Ferguson
Fall 2015 Katy Tucker he Gendered Nature of Social Class: How Intersecting Identities Inform Plans for Relationship and Family Formation. Susan Ferguson
Fall 2015 Melissa Melloy Love for One or Love for All: Polyamory at Grinnell College. Susan Ferguson
Spring 2015 Katy Tucker Traditional Trends, Egalitarian Advancements:  How Gender Shapes Grinnellians’ Plans for Relationship and Family Formation. Susan Ferguson
Spring 2015 Mia Ritter Advanced Studies in the Family: The Effect of Sexuality on Emerging Adulthood at Grinnell College. Susan Ferguson
Spring 2015 Jade Denson The Grinnell Effect:  Exploring Grinnellians’ Ideal Future Relationship and Family Formation Patterns. Susan Ferguson
Fall 2012 Laura Krull Interracial and Interethnic Dating: Intersections of Education, Socioeconomic Class, and Financial Stability. Susan Ferguson
Fall 2012 Shannon Kelly Are Marriage Choices an Expression of “Westernization? The Case of Marriage among Never Married Japanese and Japanese American Women. Susan Ferguson
Fall 2011 Paige Hill Between the Margins:  An Analysis of Attitudes about Feminism, Marital Relations, and Family in Never Married Chinese American Women. Susan Ferguson
Fall 2011 Miriam Barcus The Incompatibility of Achievement and Motherhood:  Chinese American Non-Mothers’ Constructions of Motherhood. Susan Ferguson
Spring 2011 Allison Brinkhorst Analysis of Integrated Intersectionality. Susan Ferguson
2010 Hart Ford Corn, Tortillas, and Candy: Negotiating the Dietary Desires of Parents and Children in Latino Immigrant Families (Latin American Studies MAP)

Eric Carter and David Cook-Martín

2009 Virginia Andersen Body, Gender, and Resources: Holding onto the Power of Decision-Making during Nursing Home Entry Karla Erickson
2009 Nichole Baker Caring, Producing, or Healing: Perceptions of CNA Work Karla Erickson
2009 Lilly Camp Why no legal exclusions of Jews in the Americas? (RICA) David Cook-Martín
2009 Alexander J. Exarhos

Mapping Soc Landscapes: Student Social Networks

Christopher Hunter
2009 Caitlin Fuller Mexican and Cuban Immigration Policy: A Comparative Case Study on Legal Exclusions against Chinese (RICA) David Cook-Martín
2009 Muriel D. Gallo-Chasanoff Mapping Soc Landscapes: Student Social Networks

Christopher Hunter

2009 Macaela Holmes End of Life: It is not as scary as it sounds! Karla Erickson
2009 Elisabeth Rennick The Influence of Ideology on Autocratic State's Policy: Argentina and Cuba (RICA) David Cook-Martín
2009 Frida Rodriguez The Slave Trade and its Impact on International Migration Policies: A Brazilian Case Study (RICA) David Cook-Martín
Fall 2008 Katherine Lee Using Identity Markers to Understand Differences in Identity Construction between Chinese American and Japanese American Never Married Women. Susan Ferguson
2008 Katherine R. Howard Ineffective Health Care Policy as Agent of Medicalization and Sick Role Adoption At the End of Life Karla Erickson
2008 Matthew Johnson As We Maintain Class Karla Erickson
2008 Scott Koenning Argentine Immigration Policy (Race, immigration, and Citizenship in the Americas, RICA) David Cook-Martín
2008 Fiona McDougall Martin Class and Campus Cash: Working Class and First Generation College Students Karla Erickson
2008 Alyssa Penner The Landscape of Care: Deciphering End of Life Care and Caregiver Meanings in the Hospice Setting Karla Erickson
2008 Julie Ross International organizations and their role in the diffusion of immigration policies (RICA) David Cook-Martín
2008 Margie Scribner A Penny for Your Thoughts: Sexual Expression in Aged and Aging Adults in Long-Term Care Karla Erickson
2008 Emily Sipfle Working Class Membership: Mediating Vulnerability through Work and Community Karla Erickson
2007 Sarah Fowler The Affective Costs of Transnational Migration: A Case Study of Ecuadorian Migration to Spain David Cook-Martín
2007 Susan Hildebrand Relations Between the Domestic Violence Alternatives/Sexual Assault Center and Grinnell College Karla Erickson
Summer 2007 Katrina Brooks Japanese American Women. Susan Ferguson
Summer 2007 Madison Van Oort Filial Piety and Feminism: The Intersection of Traditional Chinese Culture and Second Wave Feminism on the Social Class Status and Social Class Mobility of Chinese American Women. Susan Ferguson
2006 Eszter Csicsai A Living Will: Building the Personalized Dying Experience Karla Erickson
2002 Ellen Gallagher

“Crisis intervention in non-profit organizations:  Does it work?  (Part 1)”

Christopher Hunter
2002 Jill Peterson “Crisis intervention in non-profit organizations:  Does it work?  (Part 2)”

Christopher Hunter

2002 Jessica Rochester

Problem-solving techniques in a community action agency:  working with families versus working with other agencies”

Christopher Hunter

Summer 2002 Julia Dona Gendering Processes in Immigration: The Effects of Spousal Immigration Order and Women’s Labor on Chinese American and Japanese American Gender Roles. Susan Ferguson
Summer 2002 Tina Lim Divorce and Chinese American Families. Susan Ferguson
2000 Jenni Headley  Isn’t anyone gonna build a bridge?  Theory v. Reality: Crossing the Gap between Upper and Lower Levels in a Hierarchy. Christopher Hunter
2000 Meri Hellmer Breaking the Cycle of Family Pain:   The Role of Intensity, Content, and Participation in Goal Setting Practices in a Community Action Agency Christopher Hunter
2000 Laura Jackson Masters of the MICA Universe:  Activity-Based Training vs. Results Driven Training and Their Effects on Levels of Mastery

Christopher Hunter

2000 Matt Magee Multiple Elements of a Shared Vision: A Learning Organization Possibility? Christopher Hunter
2000 Delphia Shanks Practicing the PDP:  An Analysis of Mid-Iowa Community Action’s Personal Development Plan Christopher Hunter
Summer 2000 Amy Walters The Importance of Romantic Love as a Relationship Value among Chinese American and Japanese American Women. Susan Ferguson
Fall 1999 Emily Larson Directed research on international health care. Susan Ferguson
Summer 1999 Katie Brindley How Constructions of Race Shape Marriage and Dating Patterns in the Chinese American and Japanese American Communities.  
Summer 1999 Carla Talarico Directed research on breast cancer book manuscript. Susan Ferguson
1999 Ilana Golin Eight Heads Are Better Than One:

How Teams Benefit Employees at A Social Service Agency

Christopher Hunter

1999 Lisa Hetzel Dismantling the Hierarchy: 

Mastery, Control, and Contribution at a Community Action Agency

Christopher Hunter

1999 Kara Jones The Paraprofessional in a Learning Organization:  Mid-Iowa Community Action as a Case Study

Christopher Hunter

1999 Emily Larson Family rhetoric and perceptions of work and family balance among employees and the administration of a Community Action Agency

Christopher Hunter

Spring 1999 Brandi Christie

Directed research on women and HIV/AIDS.

Susan Ferguson
Spring 1999 Anne Tillema Directed research on SPSS coding and data entry of interview data on never married Japanese American and Chinese American women. Susan Ferguson
1999 Lue Schutzman Do You See What I See?  An Analysis of Ideological Tension in a Learning Organization

Christopher Hunter

1998 Sarah Staveteig Directed research on qualitative data management and analysis. Susan Ferguson
1996-1997 Yavoi Suzuki Never Married Japanese Women Susan Ferguson
1996 Sarah Staveteig Directed research on qualitative data management and analysis. Susan Ferguson
1995-1996 Alice Gates Directed research on the medicalization of women’s breasts and breast implants.  Alice and I presented a paper on this research at the NWSA meetings in June, 1996. Susan Ferguson