Upcoming Events

February 3-5 - Symposium:  "Chicago: Urban Issues and Social Justice in the Windy City"

Tuesday, February 3

4:15 pm - Christine Walley, author and associate professor of anthropology, MIT “The Exit Zero Project: Exploring the Aftermath of Deindustrialization in Chicago”

8:00 pm - Kari Lydersen, Chicago journalist and author, “Mayor 1% and Shaping the New Chicago:  The Reign of Rahm Emanuel, the 2015 Election and Beyond”

Wednesday, February 4

Virginia Parks, associate professor, School of Social Service Administration, University of Chicago;
“The Fight for Economic Justice from the Streets of Chicago”

8:00 pm - Alumni Panel:  Activism in Chicago
Christian Snow '13, Community Engagement Director at Street-Level Youth Media
Javon Garcia '14, Health Outreach, HIV Services at The Night Ministry​

Thursday, February 5

4:15 pm - Gallery Tour of The Education Project with photographer Sandy Steinbrecher, Burling Gallery

8:00 pm - Barbara Ransby, professor of history, University of Illinois at Chicago, “Politics from Below: Grassroots Struggles Reshaping the Landscape of Chicago”
Friday, February 6

7:00 pm - Panel Discussion:   “Images and Issues in Urban Education” with Sandy Steinbrecher, photographer and educators from the Chicago Public School
Sponsored the Grinnell Careers in Education Professions program in conjunction with The Education Project Photo Exhibition.

February 9
Robert Hodierne, Professor of Journalism, University of Richmond
February 12
Sarah Labowitz, business and human rights research scholar, NYU Stern School of Business

February 19
7:00 pm  Tarell Rodgers ’93, “The courage it takes to embrace diversity, challenge, and personal struggle” co-sponsored by Intercultural Engagement & Leadership Office in honor of Black History Month

March 23 - 28
Spring Break 2015 Human Rights and International Relations New York Tour

April 15 
4:15 pm - Howard French, associate professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
JRC 101

April 27
4:15 pm - Ivo Juurvee, Estonian historian
ARH 302

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