Every summer, Grinnell College students take internships in organizations that intersect with the Rosenfield Program’s mission.

The Rosenfield Program provides funding for numerous internships each year, covering travel and living expenses, allowing students to explore career paths in public affairs, international relations, and human rights. Grants supported by the Rosenfield Program have funded student internships across the globe.

Are you interested in public affairs, international relations, and human rights? Please contact Professor Barbara Trish with any questions. Applications for Summer 2018 internships are due March 5, 2018.

2017 Rosenfield Program Internship Grants

Ala Akkad

Chicago, IL

Ala Akkad, class of 2019, will take a role as a case worker for Syrian and Iraqi refugees. She will serve as an advocate for them and work to coordinate their access to services. The work complements her experience in the Global Development Studies concentration, widening her understanding of the conditions and experiences of displacement. She hopes to further pursue this line of work at an NGO in the future as well.

Tony Bergida

Office of Senator Joni Ernst
Des Moines, IA

Tony Bergida, class of 2018, will gain knowledge of political offices by assisting Senator Joni Ernst at her Iowa offices. Through this internship, he will largely assist with managing local events and facilitating contact with constituents. An economics and political science major at Grinnell, Joseph plans to gain the experience and skills necessary to work in politics.

Sydney Bergman

Embassy of the United States
London, UK

Sydney Bergman, class of 2018, will take part in the US State Departments Internship program at the US Embassy in the UK. As part of the Immigrant Visa Unit, she will gain an understanding of US legal frameworks and policies, and analyze current trends in migration. As a history major, Sydney hopes the experience will provide an insight into British history, her area of interest, through a contemporary institutional frame.

Anthony Fitzpatrick

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Chicago, IL

Anthony Fitzpatrick, class of 2018, will complete an internship at the EEOC, a federal agency which enforces anti-discrimination policies. As part of the Chicago office, handling much of the northern Midwest, he will take part in their legal research, examining companies and interviewing claimants, as well as gaining a knowledge of the system through practical observation. A current history and political science major, Anthony hopes this internship will begin to prepare him for law school and explore how public service works.

Daria Guzzo

Embassy of the United States
Santiago, Chile

Daria Guzzo, class of 2019, will work in the Consular Section of the US Embassy to Chile. She will process visa and passport applications, as well as maintain contact with Chilean officials. A political science and Spanish double major, Daria is keen to complete an internship that allows her to combine both fields in a practical setting and hopes it can inform her understanding of government workplaces.

Lily Hamilton

Benach Collopy LLP
Washington, DC

Lily Hamilton, class of 2019, will work at Benach Collopy LLP, an immigration law firm. At the office, she will support the staff with research, administrative work, and writing. As a political science major, she hopes that this internship will provide her perspectives on the legal and political frameworks behind practical human rights, and inform her on law as a profession.

Esther Hwang

Monsoon United Asian Women of Iowa
Des Moines, IA

Esther Hwang, class of 2018, will take an internship assisting advocacy for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault from the Asian and Pacific Islander communities of Iowa. She will be engaging community outreach and youth prevention programs, as well as shadowing the work of non-profit administration. From her experience she hopes to continue her work on promoting inclusive and intentional communities and advance her understanding of how to effectively administer this type of work.

Mithila Iyer

Challenging Heights
Accra, Ghana

Mithila Iyer, class of 2019, will intern at Challenging Heights, an NGO that works to prevent child trafficking and child slavery in Ghana, through government outreach, public programs, and rehabilitation. At the organization, she will take part in Partnership and Fundraising, to create connections with other NGOs and international organizations, and research new sources of funds for specific programs of the agency. A double major in economics and political science at Grinnell, Mithila hopes to gain perspectives she can bring back to the classroom, in addition to the knowledge of the workings of non-profits.

Emily Jordan

Project C.U.R.E
Tempe, AZ

Emily Jordan, class of 2019, will spend the summer at Project C.U.R.E., which provides donated medical supplies to developing countries. As an intern, she will work to coordinate these donations, while also working on grants and press releases. A religious studies major with a global development studies concentration, Emily plans to bear witness to the work of development organizations in action and intends to use the perspectives she gains in the field of human rights and law.

Hanna Kessel

Chicago, IL

Hanna Kessel, class of 2019, will intern at RefugeeOne, working with case management. Her job will involve developing personal relationships with refugees and helping them navigate their transitions. She intends to bring a developed understanding of the work of being an advocate for those in need. A global development studies concentrator, she hopes to engage on a personal level with the needs of refugees and people in the developing world.

Nomalanga Shields

Center for Constitutional Rights
New York, NY

Nomalanga Shields, class of 2018, will support the attorneys from the CCR in their work to advance marginalized communities through legal means. As an intern, she will also conduct research on social policies and coordinate public materials. She anticipates gaining perspective on how to embody a drive toward social justice in many different areas and hopes the experience will shed light on the best paths to approach promoting access to mental healthcare, an issue very important to her.

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