The Wilson Center’s goal is to prepare you as innovators and leaders, helping to ensure that you are successful in your career, life, and service.  Strengthen your Grinnell liberal arts education through alumni-taught courses, individualized experiences, hands-on events, and a wide variety of activities and programs. 

Expanding your knowledge and critical thinking on innovation and leadership, as well as gaining the opportunity to put your knowledge and skills into practice is a key to success. Partner with the Wilson Center to:

  • bring in a relevant speaker
  • sponsor an event
  • attend a conference
  • enroll in focused classes
  • network with Grinnell alumni
  • be a leader on campus

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Jackson Katz, Ph.D., will cover the 2016 election and the politics of presidential masculinity.

Innovation Week include the 3-day Pioneer Weekend, the Spark Tank Innovation Challenge, and the Kinetic Sculpture Competition.