Research and Projects

Short Courses in Conflict Analysis and Restorative Justice

Spring 2014

Restorative Justice, Theory and Practice SST 295.02 
Instructor: Brian Gumm 

The modern Restorative Justice (RJ) movement began out of a sense that Western criminal justice systems fail to satisfy the needs of those impacted by wrongdoing. RJ addresses justice at interpersonal, community, and societal levels. This course will serve as an introduction to the growing field of RJ, including its guiding principles and values, its range of skills and practices, and the various arenas in which it has advanced over the past forty years.


Funding a Related Program

Peace and Conflict Studies funds many peace-related events on Grinnell College's campus.

If you or your group are interested in applying for funds, please download the funding guidelines.


Peace and Conflict Studies Program Committee

The PACSP Committee includes faculty, staff, and students. Occasionally, the committee invites a community member to be part of the committee. 

If you would like to become a student member of the Peace and Conflict Studies Committee, please submit a one page statement describing your interest in Peace and Conflict Studies, comments on any Peace and Conflict Studies events you have attended, and ideas for future PSP initiatives or events. Also include your major (if declared), current year in college, and activities you have been involved in that relate to peace and conflict studies. Applications are due in April. Submissions should be sent by email to the program coordinator, Simone Sidwell.

2013-14 Committee members 

Brigittine French, chair 
Kathy Kamp 
Kent McClelland 
Liz Queathem 

Tina Elfenbein 
Simone Sidwell, program coordinator 

Lisa Eshun-Wilson '14 
Lamia Faruk '16 
Izzy Leo '€˜14 
Stella Oh '16 
Chelsie Salvatera '14 
Louisa Silverman '15 
Chrissy Swartz '14 
Anthony Wenndt '15 


Community Mediation

In addition to our major projects, the Peace and Conflict Studies Program provides continuing coordination and support for the small claims mediation program in Poweshiek County. On the third Mondays of every month, volunteer mediators handle cases scheduled for mediation at the Montezuma courthouse.

Volunteer small claims mediators:

Nancy Cadmus
Otto Hall
Simone Sidwell

A full list of undergraduate service opportunities is available through the Service Learning and Civic Engagement Program.



The Peace and Conflict Studies Program supports internships that deepen students' understanding of the causes of violence and violations of human dignity and give them direct experience applying creative strategies for conflict prevention, resolution, or reconciliation in international, intergroup, or interpersonal disputes.

The Peace and Conflict Studies student internships are administered as part of the Internship Grant Program through the Center for Experiential Education at the Career Development Office. For information re eligibility, requirements and expectations, and the application process, contact the Career Development Office. 

The PSP internships are generously supported through a gift from Tedford Lews '40 and Leonard Kurz '75. There are up to five PSP internships available.

A PSP selection committee will review the applications and notification of approval or denial will be made by the Career Development Office