First-Year Tutorial

The First- Year Tutorial is your academic and social introduction to Grinnell. It’s also technically the only required class, but calling Tutorial “required” doesn’t quite do it justice.

Before you arrive on campus, you’ll get to choose from a list of 30-40 Tutorial options, with topics like Kendrick Lamar, Coping with Climate Change, and Exploring the Magical World of Calvin and Hobbes. They’re taught by expert faculty all across campus.

Tutorials are small, writing-intensive, discussion-based classes that teach you the academic skills you will need to succeed at Grinnell. You’ll have 10 to 14 classmates, all fellow first-year students.

Your Tutorial professor is your adviser until you declare a major. So the small class size will not only help you get to know your classmates, but your first professor and faculty adviser, too.

Benefits to the Tutorial Professor/Adviser Relationship

  1. Students receive advising from a faculty member who knows them inside the classroom and can recommend courses based on each student’s strengths, interests, and areas for growth.
  2. Because Tutorials meet during New Student Orientation—and often get together for social events throughout first year and beyond—students know that they are being advised by someone they can connect with outside the classroom, too.
  3. Most students go on to major in an area outside the specific department of their Tutorial professor. Tutorial can be a great opportunity to develop an advising relationship with a faculty member from a different department.

The Tutorial Community

All Tutorials are granted an entertainment budget, which enables the class to feel more like an advisory group after hours. The entertainment budget funds activities like pizza nights at your professor’s house, field trips to neighboring cities, or Tutorial reunions.

When Do I Choose My Tutorial?

The summer before first year, students who have deposited and enrolled at Grinnell will receive a list of available Tutorials for the upcoming semester. This list changes every year depending on the professors teaching the Tutorial.