Emergency Resource Card

Campus Safety, 1432 East St.

641-269-4600 (24 hrs.)

RLC's On Call 

Call Campus Safety. 641-269-4600 

Hospital - Grinnell Regional Medical Center


Student Health and Counseling Services (SHACS), Forum building


Safe Rides

Call Campus Safety. 641-269-4600

Suicide Hotline


Grinnell Police Department


Non-Emergency  641-236-2670 

Substance Abuse Treatment/SATUCI


Domestic Violence Alternatives/Sexual Assault Center

Office of Title IX  641-269-4999

Grinnell Advocates (students) 641-260-1615 (24 hrs., text or call)

Crisis Intervention Services-sexual assault 1-800-270-1620 (24 hrs., local)

Domestic Violence Emergency Hotline  1-800-779-3512

Emergency Resources for Faculty

Campus Emergency Responses- What Faculty Should Know