Rosenfield Program Committee

The Rosenfield Program Committee assists in managing the Rosenfield Program in Public Affairs, International Relations, and Human Rights and planning the year's events.

The Rosenfield Program director, Sarah J Purcell '92, Professor of History, holds a B.A from Grinnell and an A.M and Ph.D from Brown University. She joined the faculty of Grinnell in 2000 after teaching at Central Michigan University. She has been director of the Rosenfield Program since fall 2008, but her forsenfield involvement stretches back over 20 years when she served as a student committee member, faculty committee member, and assistant director of the program.

The Rosenfield Program committee assists in planning the year's events and managing the program. The committee is composed of the Director, faculty members, students, and the program coordinator, Laureen Van Wyk. For the 2013-14 academic year, the Rosenfield Planning Committee consists of:

Faculty Members

Sarah Purcell, Director
Vance Byrd
Ed Cohn
Carrie Shanafelt
Andrea Tracy
Chris Hunter


Student Members

Cynthia Amezcua '14
Saphir Blau '14
Lily Jamaludin '14
Thomas Neil '14
Corina Varlan '14
Leah Lucas '14
Keaton Cameron-Burr '15
Nipun Basrur '15
Roni Finkelstein '15


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