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Opportunities in Art History

Mentored Advanced Projects

Art history majors are encouraged to pursue, with faculty guidance, a Mentored Advanced Project, or MAP (ART 499): the preparation, writing, and public presentation of a piece of advanced art-historical research in any area of art history. Previous MAPs include the following:

(2015)—"Early Sonia Delaunay: The Avant-Garde at Home" (Eliza Harrison)

(2014)—“Portraying Jewish Identity in Dreyfus-Era France: Changing Approaches to Picasso’s Portrait of Gertrude Stein” (Hannah Safter)

Anger Redefines German Expressionism

Jenny Anger, associate professor of art history, discussed German Expressionism in America, exploring how two world wars and cultural francophilia bear some responsibility for the uneven American response to this early 20th-century movement in the arts. View the full story, Anger Redefines German Expressionism, in the Scarlet & Black, the Grinnell College student newspaper.