The Library Student Educational Policy Committee (SEPC) is a student/library liaison group that provides the Libraries with student input on quality of library services, performance and hiring of librarians, and other important issues. The SEPC works with librarians and library staff to provide advice and suggestions regarding services, collections, events, facilities, library promotion, and other issues. The SEPC also helps organize the Libraries' finals-week study breaks, surveys students and summarizes their opinions regarding the professional performance of librarians during contract reviews, and participates in interviews of candidates for librarian positions.

Four library student staff are elected at the end of the spring semester by all the current library student employees. As circumstances permit, two members-at-large are invited to stay on from the previous year.

2017/2018 Members:

  • Denali Carpenter '19
  • Hyunji (Hannah) Eom '19
  • Sydney Hamamoto '19
  • Chrys Loglo '19
  • Moe Sabai '18 (member-at-large)
  • Olivia Schuette '19