The Humanities Center is pleased to announce its annual student conference on April 19-20, 2013.  Following the success of the conference last year, the Center has decided to make this an annual event at which students have the opportunity to present a selection of their papers or creative work. Student submissions can be in the form of essays that show excellent research in the humanities, broadly defined by principles of humanistic inquiry and research, creative writing, art projects, or other forms of creative expression. The Center’s Advisory Board will select essays and projects for presentation.

At the symposium, each speaker will formally present their work for 15 minutes on a panel of three, which will include a faculty discussant.  Papers should be of appropriate length for this slot, no more than 8 pages, and should have been written in calendar year 2012.  The Advisory Board expects that students with longer papers from MAPs, independent studies, or seminars, will submit an eight-page version of the project for consideration.

Application Deadlines and Instructions

Students should submit proposals electronically to the Humanities Center at [humcenter[at]grinnell[dot]edu] no later than Feb 23, 2013. The subject line in the email should read: Proposal for Student Symposium.

Be sure to include a cover sheet with your proposal with the following information:

  • Name
  • Class year
  • Major
  • Project title
  • Project origin (Seminar, MAP or other)
  • Name of faculty
  • Please tell us a little about your work at Grinnell. How does this particular project fit into your studies? What do you hope to gain from participation in the symposium? (Limit to 150 words)

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