Voting for the films to be shown at the sixth annual Grinnell College Favorite Films Festival has begun.  Members of the college community are invited to log into PioneerWeb and vote for their favorite films in three categories:

  • Movie Thrillers
  • Cult Classics
  • Film Adaptations

The only limit is that the films must be part of the Grinnell College Libraries' collections.

The survey will be open from Sunday, November 6th, through Sunday, November 20th. The winning films will be announced shortly afterwards and will be shown on campus Friday, January 27, through Sunday, January 29, 2012.

This year, we have also opened a blog on Pweb where you can ask questions, make suggestions, or even campaign for (or against) a particular film. The only restrictions are that you stay on topic and that you be respectful of differing opinions.  Check out the Announcements on Pweb to link to the blog.

BTW, the films the campus community selected for last year's festival were:

  • Mystery/Suspense - Rear Window
  • Musical Films - The Sound of Music
  • Documentary Films - Planet Earth & Supersize Me (tie)

The Favorite Films Festival is co-sponsored by the Grinnell College Libraries and the Student Government Association Films Committee. For more information, contact Randye Jones at jonesran[at]grinnell[dot]edu or the Films Committee at films[at]grinnell[dot]edu.

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