7:00 p.m. in JRC 101: Grinnell's Cultural Films Committee and Gandhi and Resistance course will join with the University of Iowa to sponsor a visit by Anand Patwardhan, India's leading activist documentary filmmaker.

For nearly thirty years, Patwardhan's courageous work on slum-dwellers and women's rights, on people displaced by massive dam projects, on the political manipulation of Hindu-Muslim conflict, and (most recently) on the fight for social equality by India's Dalits (i.e., "untouchables") has provoked controversy, broadcasting bans, Supreme Court cases, and a great deal of public awareness.

Patwardhan will be screening his latest film,_Jai Bhim Comrade_, which examines Dalit activism in India today and will be giving a director talk and Q&A. This public program will be on March 11 from 7:00 PM (JRC 101).

(For more information on Patwardhan and his films, please see:


(Most of Patwardhan's documentaries are in our Library.)

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