The space formerly known as the Listening Room has officially been renamed the Burling Media Room. While the name change comes after the recent renovation of the space that houses the Libraries’ video and sound collections, it reflects the long-standing need to describe more accurately the changing functions of the space.

The Burling Media Room's physical space underwent a significant renovation this past summer to allow patrons to have direct access to a majority of the collections of over 22,000 compact discs and nearly 7,000 videos. The room’s hours have also been expanded to match the hours that Burling Library is open. Patrons may check out or return recordings at the Burling Library Circulation Desk as well as during the Burling Media Room office hours.

More information about the renovation is available at Please contact Burling Media Room supervisor Randye Jones at 269-3365 or jonesran[at]grinnell[dot]edu if you have any questions.


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