Grinnell College's class of 2014 is already beginning to take shape. In mid-December, students who applied in the first round of Early Decision learned whether or not they had been admitted. Although these admitted students comprise less than a quarter of the class that will come to Grinnell in August, they are a noteworthy group. In addition to being exceptional students and talented individuals, they…

  • Hail from 21 states, including: California, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Virginia.
  • Hold citizenship from nine other countries, including: Norway, China, Tanzania, Argentina, Greece, and Myanmar.
  • Play soccer, baseball, basketball, football, and tennis, as well as swimming, and running track and cross country.
  • Attend public, private and parochial schools. Live in big cities (New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Houston, Beijing, and Chicago) and small towns (Phelan, Viroqua, Wrightwood, Elkhorn, and Alden).
  • Include artists, musicians, and actors.
  • Plan to pursue a variety of majors, including: chemistry, economics, philosophy, English, psychology, history, Spanish, and biology.
  • Have written books and learned to hang-glide, are jugglers, can solve Rubik's Cube with blazing speed, attended culinary school, and have performed service work around the world.

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