Release party: 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 30, Rosenfield Center Room 101

The Grinnell Beowulf is a translation and teaching edition of the Old English poem.

Six students — Eva Dawson ’14, Emily Johnson ’14, Jeanette Miller ’14, Logan Shearer ’14, Aniela Wendt ’14, and Kate Whitman ’14 — worked with Tim Arner, assistant professor of English, to translate Beowulf into readable and poetic modern English.

Initially envisioned as a group MAP (Mentored Advanced Project), this project provided a great opportunity for the students to produce an edition designed for an undergraduate audience.

The edition includes over 165 annotations that accompany the text, as well as introductions to the poem and the translation process.

Caleb Neubauer ’13 provided illustrations.

The Grinnell Beowulf has just been published in print by Grinnell Press and online by Digital Grinnell.

Digital Grinnell hosts a wide and growing variety of materials created by Grinnell College students, faculty, and staff, as well as selected material that illuminates the College’s history and other activities. Materials in Digital Grinnell are accessible, searchable, and visible to the world.

By sharing students’ scholarly work with the larger community, The Grinnell Beowulf in Digital Grinnell will contribute to enhancing "the free, open exchange of ideas" that is part of Grinnell College’s core values. 


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