The 2013 Holiday Dinner was a resounding success in generating a contribution of $1,243 and 151.2 pounds of food for the Mid-Iowa Community Action (MICA) food pantry in Poweshiek County. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all staff and faculty who donated to this cause. This generous showing of support from our staff and faculty resulted in a significant increase over last year in the number of low-income families in the county receiving food boxes from MICA.
Rachel Porath, director of the Poweshiek County Family Development Center and Project Home Mission coordinator, reported that the Holiday Dinner contributions, combined with all other donations received during the year, enabled the food pantry to serve 653 families and a total of 1,565 individuals. "We truly appreciate your contribution regardless of the amount or content because every donation helps keep MICA true to its mission: helping people, changing lives, and building communities," Porath says.

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