It's early on Friday morning, May 14, as I write, though it's still Thursday in the US.  We arrived yesterday evening right on schedule after a 14+ hour flight, which United informs us is one of their longest. We flew the polar route, almost due north over Canada and the west side of Hudson Bay, along the northern edge of the North American continent, still snow covered, but the water at the shore has melted for the season, and back over land at Siberia. Siberia was amazing--track-less, snowy, tundra, very hilly, with a huge river we followed for some time.  We were at 40,000 feet and it looked huge! Alas, we flew north to south over China but saw nothing--all clouds.

The Hong Kong airport is beautiful and spotless. Although it was 5:30 pm there was little traffic and our taxi whisked us to our hotel. We are on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong, right near the waterfront and across the street from the Cultural Center. We wandered over to the waterfront after we unpacked, trying to stay up for awhile so we could get on schedule. Across the water was a classic view of all the high rise buildings in Hong Kong, with lighted ferries zipping back and forth. At 8:00, the nightly light and music show started. Neon lights line the buildings on both sides and more lights and lasers are posted on the tops of the skyscrapers. In coordination with music on both sides of the harbor, the lights flash and dance for about 15 minutes.  Since it was a foggy evening, the effect was somewhat dampened, but we got the idea.

We then wandered off in search of dinner and landed on a place advertising sea food. We were served elegantly and had delicious grouper and sauteed clam strips. The clam came with unidentifiable orange items, which tasted like a sort of fish. I liked them, Don did not. 

Today is dawning foggy.  We go in search of art.

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