Recent visitors include the following:

  • Mabrouck Rachedi (French author of Algerian origin)
  • Alain Geismar (French leader of 1968 strikes)
  • Michel Wieviorka (French sociologist who studies violence, racism and antisemitism)
  • Glenn Myrent (Film critic and author; taught a short course on "La Nouvelle Vague")
  • Mohamed Kacimi (Algerian author and journalist)
  • Ken Bugul (Senegalese author)
  • Véronique Tadjo (Ivoirien author)
  • Lawrence Kritzman (Professor of French at Darmouth College)
  • Slimane Benaïssa (Algerian author)
  • Philippe Manière (journalist from Le Point)
  • Daniel Vernet (journalist from Le Monde)
  • Didier Rousselet and Monica Neagoy (directors of Le Néon, a Washington based Franco-American theatre company)
  • Fatima Gallaire (Algerian playwright)
  • Euzhan Palcy (film director from Martinique)
  • Aurélien Recoing (French actor)

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