The car is already packed. You spent yesterday frenetically jamming a mishmash of notebooks, stringed Christmas lights, congratulations cards, a mini-fridge, a laundry hamper, plastic bins full of clothes, and assorted other memories into the trunk. Memories of the past four years emerged while you slept your last night in Grinnell. Now, you see Interstate Highway 80 ahead, and it seems to be demanding a choice — left or right. For the first time since you arrived for your first year in college, you are truly leaving Grinnell behind. Your plans are full of uncertainties and shaky foundations as you begin a transition that is personal, and a bit undefined.

You aren't just transitioning to a new career — you're transitioning to a new stage of your life with a lot of questions unanswered. You are at the intersection, trying to figure out which way to turn, weighed down by a trunkful of memories and the knowledge that you can't go back.

How do Grinnellians make the choices that build their lives as they leave college behind?

Daniel Kisslinger '14 is traveling through the western United States to conduct interviews with alumni about their experiences beyond graduation. Click on the mapped pins below to listen to the interviews, follow Daniel's trip over the next few weeks, and share your own stories below.

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