During Spring Break, videos designated as “Library Use Only” were moved from the Burling Media Room office and integrated into the regular video collection. The move allows all patrons to have more ready access for browsing during library hours and makes it easier for faculty and staff to check these recordings out when the Media Room office is closed.

These videos are labeled “Library Use Only” usually because of their high cost or rarity and are limited primarily to faculty/staff check out. However, students may make arrangements with the Media Room supervisor or librarians to check out “Library Use Only” videos for class-related or special project purposes. They are also welcome to use the videos within the confines of Burling Library.

Prior to the move, faculty and staff either had to come during the limited Media Room office hours or to request that Circulation staff open the office after hours and pull the needed videos. Patrons also could only rely on the library catalog to locate these recordings.

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