The Mathematics and Statistics Department had a very active summer research program under the College's Mentored Advanced Projects. Six faculty offered seven projects which involved fourteen students.

Professor Marc Chamberland worked with three MAP students during the summer of 2011: Colin Johnson ‘13, Alice Nadeau ‘13, and Bingxi Wu ‘13. Their project was to understand the structure of multiplicative partitions.

Jeff Blanchard mentored three MAP students, Tolu Alabi ‘13, Bradley Gordon ‘12, and Russel Steinbach ‘12 on graphical processing unit algorithms for finding the kth largest value in a list.

Professor French and Boanne MacGregor ‘12 investigated the representation theory of association schemes.

Professor Jonkman directed two summer research projects. With Kate Doyl ‘13 and Brianne Evans ‘13, they performed a statistical assessment of state-level health estimates in the United States, namely a large-scale telephone survey administered by the CDC known as the BRFSS. With Alyce Eaton ‘13 and Erik Figge ‘13, the group worked to develop a statistical model for selecting cross country teams for the NCAA Division III national championship meet.

Professor Mileti worked with Jonah Elman ‘12 on comparing random sequences.

Professor Shuman directed the work of Ethan Edl ‘12 and Klevi Xhaxho ‘12 on a computing the size of several sets associated with iterated function systems.

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