The scholarly activity of the mathematics and statistics faculty was showcased at numerous conferences over the summer.

Kuiper Speaks on Teaching Undergraduate Statistics

May 2011: At the United States Conference on Teaching Statistics (USCOTS) in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina, Shonda Kuiper presented a poster with Dennis Pearl (Ohio State University) Robert Carver ‎(Stonehill College), Lesser, Larry ‎(University of Texas El Paso), Michael Posner (Villanova) and Amitra Wall (Buffalo State College) on the educational benefits of incorporating fun into the classroom.

August 2011: Shonda Kuiper was invited to speak at the Joint Statistics Meeting in Miami, Florida to discuss teaching regression through statistics. This talk provided examples from her new textbook and emphasized the importance of allowing students to work with multivariate data sets in their first introductory statistics course.

Grinnell Hosts SLAW

Tom Moore hosted the annual Statistics in the Liberal Arts Workshop (SLAW), an amazing group of statisticians from colleges similar to Grinnell that has met annually since 1987 to promote various projects. This workshop was originally founded by Moore. Grinnell Professors Kuiper and Jonkman attended the workshop which totaled 12 faculty from 10 institutions.

Mileti attends Ramsey Theory Workshop

Joe Mileti participated in the workshop "Ramsey Theory in Logic, Combinatorics, and Complexity" from May 22-27 in Bertinoro, Italy. The meeting brought together mathematicians, logicians, and computer scientists interested in different aspects of Ramsey theory to explain their recent progress and techniques.

Blanchard Presents in Scotland and USA

In June, Jeff Blanchard presented his work on GPU accelerated greedy algorithms for compressed sensing in Edinburgh, Scotland at SPARS11: Workshop : Signal Processing with Adaptive Sparse Structured Representations. He then traveled to Glasgow for the 24th Biennial Conference on Numerical Analysis to give a similar talk in a mini-symposium on compressed sensing.

In August, Blanchard gave an invited talk in the session Polyhedra are Everywhere at MathFest 2011, the summer meeting of the Mathematical Association of America. His expository talk, Polyhedra in Compressed Sensing, detailed Donoho and Tanner's equivalence of solving a compressed sensing problem with the neighborliness of random polytopes.

Paulhus returns to Carleton's SMPosium

Paulhus, who attended the nationally acclaimed Carleton Summer Math Program for Undergraduate Women in 1997, returned to the program this summer as an invited alumna. This mini conference is held each year during the summer program to bring alumnae together to network and share experiences with the current undergraduate attendees.

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