1907 - 2010

Beta of Iowa, Phi Beta Kappa, Grinnell College, notes with deep sadness the death of Neal Klausner, F. Wendell Miller Professor Emeritus of Philosophy. Mr. Klausner's services to learning through his membership in Phi Beta Kappa were manifold. He held office, including that of President, in Beta of Iowa many times. In the Phi Beta Kappa Society nationally he served often as a member of the Committee on Qualifications, as a reviewer of books for THE KEY REPORTER, and as judge for the Society's annual Phi Beta Kappa Book Awards. He served two terms as a member-at-large of the Senate of Phi Beta Kappa. In recognition of these services, Beta of Iowa named in his honor the Klausner Book Awards it offers annually for academic achievement among first-year students. On the occasion of the centenary of Beta of Iowa, he in his own centenary year eloquently addressed the chapter and its newly elected members-in-course on the significance of the values for which Phi Beta Kappa stands. We celebrate Neal Klausner's life as we mourn his passing.

Ellen Mease

Andrew Hamilton

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