Maggie Connolly '07 was a 2007-08 Nanjing Grinnell Corps Fellow, and she currently lives in Nanjing. A talented photographer, Connolly took these photos of Nanjing, and of other regions in China she has visited on her travels.

This article appeared as a web extra for The Grinnell Magazine, Winter 2008.

slightly hazy view of the Nanjing skyline
Nanjing skyline: A view from the north. Notice the old town city wall at the bottom. The space needle-like building is the city TV tower.
Red-roofed yellow buildings with skyscrapers in the background
Connolly photographed this view from her dorm.
buildings dark greys and black against a light grey sky
The view from Purple Mountain. The building construction on the far right is the tallest building in Jiangsu Province and scheduled to be the seventh tallest building in the world. The haze is an example of a normal day in Nanjing.
Pagoda-roofed building with skyscraper in background
This is one of the oldest buildings on campus, with a skyscraper behind it.
Man working at his desk with small Chinese and Russian flags in foreground.
Nanjing University Vice-President Pan Yi says that the Grinnell-Nanjing Exchange has 'come of age' and is now beginning its second generation.
Man writing
Dai Zhehua of Nanjing University is reviewing rationales for study abroad for students and teachers. He said Nanjing University sends more than 1,200 students abroad each year.
Young man studies sculpture that bends over his head
Felix Zhu '05, a physics and economics major, visits the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art
Three young adults at a restaurant table
Austin Dean '06 (left), a history major and 2006-07 Grinnell Corps Nanjing Fellow, at lunch with two former students.
Tombs above ground with trees in the background
A Protestant cemetery in Macau, a small city-island on the southern coast of China.
Yellow coils of incense
Incense rings in honor of a goddess of the sea, the protector of Macau, in one of the city's most famous temples.
black and white image of Tiger Leaping Gorge
The Tiger Leaping Gorge, a canyon on the Yangtze River in the Yunnan Province.
Thick red door with golden protrusions
The centuries-old main gate at Zhonghua Men, the fortifications that protected Nanjing. This is where the Japanese took photos of their conquest of Nanjing in World War II.
Statues carved into large, vine covered rock
Stone carvings made by Buddhist monks about 1,000 years ago.
Hong Kong Island skyline
A view of the skyscrapers growing out of Hong Kong Island.
multifloored, pagoda-roofed building lit from outside
A photo taken in old town Lijiang, Yunnan Province, Southern China.

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