Interested in working side-by-side with faculty, staff and students to plan events and help shape the growing Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) program on campus? The PACS Program Committee is now taking applications for new student members to begin fall 2015.

The Committee meets regularly throughout the semester (every 2-3 weeks), planning events, discussing ways to build the program, and responding to funding requests.  Student members are empowered to develop their own PACS-related projects; are active participants in the decision-making process at meetings; and help support PACS by regularly attending sponsored events. As mentioned above, the Committee includes faculty, staff and students all working together.

To apply, submit a one-page statement describing your interest in Peace and Conflict Studies, comments on any PACS events you have attended, and ideas for future PACS initiatives, events or special projects. Also include your major (if declared), current year in college, and activities you have been involved in that relate to peace and conflict studies. Please also indicate which semesters you will be on campus while a student at Grinnell. Email this as an attachment to PACS Program Coordinator Simone Sidwell by midnight, Monday, April 13.

Before submitting applications, prospective student committee members are encouraged to think about the idea: “what is Peace and Conflict Studies?” To help you get started, see the summary on the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies website.

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